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Are you confused as to whether you need a Birth Certificate or a Passport for your upcoming trip?  First off, you may know there are Passport “Cards” and Passport “Books.”  Passport cards are only useful for people that DRIVE across the Mexico or Canadian borders from or to the USA.  If you are Flying or Cruising, you will need a Passport book.

As far as using a birth certificate, the U.S. Department of State does allow you to travel on a cruise from the U.S. with a birth certificate and government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.  However, that’s only if that cruise begins and ends in a U.S. port.  But be aware, if you have an emergency and need to fly home or you miss the ship and need to fly to the next foreign port of call, the birth certificate will do you no good.


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A lot of airlines offer WiFi and that is something you need to be cautious about.  Network security experts say you need to be aware of potential security risks.  When folks are in a close, confined space for an extended period of time, hackers have a lot of time to do their dirty work.  And then there’s the old-fashioned way; look over someone’s shoulder.  To reduce the risk of cyber attack, shield the screen, don’t access or transmit personal information and look into using a virtual private network.  Although it may slow down your connection, it is fairly affordable and offers additional protection.


Passengers who like to smoke on their cruise ship balcony are running out of options.  Holland America has announced it will ban smoking on balconies starting next year.  There will still be designated smoking areas but your balcony stateroom is not one of them.