Destination Updates

Cruise Lines are always looking for new ports of call; however, finding them is not all that easy.  Does the port of call have the facilities to handle the thousands of people who would disembark the ship?  Does it have a pier where the ship can dock?  How deep is the water at the shore line?  Would it prohibit the cruise ship or even the ship’s tenders to dock at a pier?

Carnival recently opened a new port of call at Amber Cover in the Dominican Republic.  And of course, Cuba should be opening up in the near future.  Fathom Cruise Lines, a division of Carnival, currently has cruises to Cuba; however, it’s more than just a relaxing cruise.  You will participate in an ongoing cultural exchange program that gives you the opportunity to interact with the Cuban people, one on one.

Fathom also sails to the Dominican Republic where travelers can interact with students helping them learn English or working with established impact partners to help bring clean drinking water to local communities.