Avalon Waterways River Cruises

It wasn’t that long ago that river cruising was not all that well known.  Very few ships and very few itineraries.  But that’s all changed.  Now you have numerous choices when considering a river cruise.  And that’s why lots of people choose Avalon Waterways.  Avalon River Cruises are a luxury experience like no other.  You’ll see life differently.  While others chase what’s popular, Avalon lets you follow your own path.  Think about it.  Your own voice has never led you astray.  You’ve arrived, knowing what it’s taken to get here.  And at Avalon, we share your unique point of view.  That’s why we’ve designed a cruise experience that’s just a bit different.  Spaces are bigger.  Views are more epic.  Excursions are more enriching.  It’s a step beyond the ordinary, but knowing you, we think you’ll feel at home here.  Offering the newest ships versus the competition, the Avalon experience is truly unique.  

Avalon looks at your experience a little differently  For example, when your bed faces a wall, the view never changes. Which is precisely why most of our beds, unlike other cruise lines, face a window.  Because we think letting you see the incredible views that river cruising is famous for, is a darned good idea.  And if we put that much attention into a bed, imagine what we’ve done for the rest of your experience. 

Personalize your Avalon cruise with MyAvalon™.  Here are some of the things you can choose online ahead of time…before you ever step foot on board!

  • Access Avalon’s comprehensive online Service Center to pre-register for your cruise
  • Select your choice of included sightseeing
  • Choose and pre-pay for optional excursions
  • Set your stateroom preferences for bed configuration
  • Select Celebration Packages to enhance your cruise

However, an Avalon river cruise includes most of your shore excursion tours as part of the basic cost, as well as your wine and beer with dinner, and  specialty coffees & lattes throughout the day.  

You won’t have to worry about adding up minor charges and additional fees on these luxurious all-inclusive river ships, as you can savor your time enjoying the views outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows of your stateroom.  An Avalon Waterways river cruise adventure brings the highlights of the world to you, while you enjoy the finest food, company and service onboard.

Call us at 800-285-1133, send an email or fill out the form below for more information on a customizable, truly unique Luxury River Cruise adventure.

You can also browse our “Find a cruise” tool for more details & information.


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