If you look long enough, you’ll find a whole lot of people who consider themselves Alaska Cruise Tour Experts.  But how many of those so-called experts have traveled to our 49th state, year after year?  Not many one would assume.  At Cruise 800, we truly have an Alaska expert.  Someone, who for years, took groups of people to the Land of the Midnight Sun. 

Alaska offers visitors a variety of sites and adventures.  From majestic landscapes to intriguing wildlife, a trip to Alaska will inspire your imagination and excite your adventurous side.  Our Alaska cruise tour experts know a lot about this vast state and look forward to helping you make the most of your Alaskan Cruise and Land adventure.

You can break down the basic Alaska trip into two parts – the cruise along the coast and the journey into the interior.  Cruising along the coast gives visitors the chance to visit cities such as Ketchikan, Alaska’s first city, known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.”  Skagway, which will remind you of and old Wild West town.  Juneau, the state capital where a ride up the Roberts Tramway gives you a spectacular view.  Sitka, home of the Tlingit Indians and Icy Strait Point, home of the summer’s largest population of humpback whales.  And let’s not forget to mention the glaciers that you have a chance to see.

The land journey into the interior is totally different than the cruise – both geographically and environmentally.  And this is where our Alaska tour experts differentiate themselves from all the rest.  There are a lot of variables to consider and Cruise 800 will make sure you are made aware of them. 

With decades of experience both planning and even escorting groups on cruises and tours, our travel agents will give you detailed tips and advice on each port and city you plan on visiting.

Check out some snapshots from some of the previous trips escorted by Tony Michaels, our Alaska guru!

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