River FAQ

Are there extras included in the price?

Shore excursions are often included in your river cruise, with the option to upgrade and purchase additional add-ons or other personalized features. These excursions can vary greatly in price and description. It is highly suggested that you take the time to research the types of shore excursions that may be of interest, and your Cruise800 travel agent can help you with all the details and answer any specific questions.

Also unlike Ocean cruise ships, on a river cruise, your beer and wine at lunch and dinner are also Included!  Specialty coffee/lattes are usually included as well.

Each river cruise line operator will have a slightly different list and amount of inclusions, but you will definitely receive a lot more included items than typically received on a standard large ocean cruise ship.

I assume the cruise line will give me the best price?

This is an inaccurate assumption.  The cruise line cannot sell any cruise for less than a travel agent. Any promotion they offer directly to you, they also must provide to us for our clients.  And when it comes to service, there is no comparison.  Cruise 800 looks at you as a personal client, not a reservation.  You can either call the cruise line and be placed on hold, for who knows how long, or contact your personal travel partner at Cruise 800 and get all your questions answered quickly and professionally.

What does a quote include?

When you get a quote for the cost of a trip, make sure you understand the bottom line. It’s important you know if the quote includes EVERYTHING? You certainly don’t want any surprise charges. Quotes are usually on a per person basis. First let’s look at what’s included in a cruise quote.

There are always three basic parts. 1. The cost of the cruise itself.  2. Any port fees (the cost added to each passengers fare for docking the ship at the pier).  3. The government taxes and fees.  Most of the time the port fees are included but not always. Government taxes are not initially included because they can vary on a regular basis.  A lower price may be misleading, as it may not include everything.  At, the port fees and government taxes will always be included in the price you’re quoted.

Additional costs should be considered as well, such as transportation to the port of embarkation and your on-board staff gratuities. Be specific as to whether you want these included in your quoted price.

What should I consider when choosing the type of stateroom?

River cruise vessels are different from ocean cruise ships.  Most of the rooms on a river cruise ship either have a balcony or what they call a French balcony.  That’s where windows in your stateroom open to the outside.  On most river cruise ships, there are very few, if any, interior rooms.

Our concierge travel agent experts will be able to help you navigate the various ships and rooms available on each particular sailing.

How can I make a reservation?

One of two ways.  You can reserve your cruise here on the web site or by calling a professional cruise consultant at Cruise 800 at 1-800-285-1133 or 513-530-3133.  If booking your cruise on the web site you will need a credit card for your deposit.  If booking with your travel consultant, you can hold a reservation with a credit card or the promise to send a check for the deposit.  Deposits can vary by the travel supplier.  Whatever the deposit happens to be, placing the full deposit on a reservation is the only way to guarantee the rate you have been quoted will not change, and to ensure you reserve a specific location on the ship.  Each passenger, whether child or adult, is subject to the deposit requirement.

Once your reservation has been confirmed with a deposit, the other date of importance is the final payment date.  This is when the final balance on your cruise is due.  Failure to make that payment may result in the cruise line canceling your cruise and you losing your deposit.  At Cruise 800, in most cases, you can cancel your cruise reservation before the final payment date and get a full refund of all monies paid.  We don’t charge an administrative fee, however some cruise rates are offered by the cruise line with “non-refundable” deposits, which will be clearly marked with disclaimers.  Any and all questions you may have about this are completely welcome, as we want you to be “in the know” when you travel with the experts at Cruise 800.

How many river cruise lines are there?

There are a number of cruise lines that sail the rivers of the world.  Viking River Cruises are probably the most well known.  AT Cruise 800, we have a Viking River Cruise specialist who can answer all your questions.  Ama Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Tauck cruises and Uniword River Cruises are also some of the companies that Cruise 800 work with.  Travel experts at Cruise 800 will continue to add to this page to ensure no detail is left unanswered, call us today to discuss any and all questions you may have about your vacation!

Are there river cruises in the U.S.?

There are a number of companies that offer cruises on rivers in the U.S.  American Cruise Lines and the American Queen Steamboat Company are two that cruise various rivers throughout the U.S.  There are also a number of local companies that offer dinner or short sightseeing cruises.  Again it depends on what you’re looking for and the easiest way to get information is to call us at 800-285-1133.

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