Groups FAQ

What are the advantages of booking a group with Cruise 800?

There are a lot of advantages to booking a group with Cruise 800.  The most important being a LOWER price.  When a group travels together, travel suppliers will offer a reduced price based on the number of travelers.  And some folks may even be able to almost travel free!  Also a group booking can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Whether it’s a family reunion, a destination wedding or a corporate seminar or incentive trip, group packages can include: airfare, transfers, pre/post cruise hotel stays, trip insurance and prepaid gratuities.  We can arrange private cocktail parties, meeting rooms, a group photo and even a trip escort.  We’ll provide FREE promotional materials including flyers and sign-up sheets.  Other amenities are available based on size and nature of group.

There is no more enjoyable vacation that to travel with friends and family.  And Cruise 800 is well known for their group services.  Whether it’s a party of 16 or 300, we’ve taken care of them.  Your personal travel professional will provide expert service from the planning stages to the welcome home follow-up.  For further information, simply email us or call 800-285-1133 or 513-530-3133.  We’ll work with you, step by step, to make your group one that folks will want to travel with again and again.

How can we make a Large Group or Incentive Travel reservation?

First thing to do is call us with the details.  A large group or incentive travel has a lot of moving parts so this would be something you would want to closely work with your travel professional.  For example, a few years back, we had a very large corporate group who needed special dining, crystal awards imported from Israel, hospitality suites, shore excursions and a number of other specific needs.  It all went off without a hitch because of the constant communication between the company and our groups department.  And the best part is the corporation was extremely pleased.

Large groups require more planning and oversight and that is why Cruise 800 is the travel agency you can depend on.  We can create flyers or press releases for you to distribute to employees or friends and family.

Will there be one person at Cruise 800 that will be our point of contact?

Yes and that is very important.  As the old saying goes, “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.”  And that applies to your group, especially large or corporate groups.  We will have one person who will handle all your needs, so you always have one person who knows the specifics of your trip.  This insures the communication and information will always be accurate.

Can someone speak to my potential group to learn more?

Cruise 800 has always been known for its success in working with and satisfying the needs of any type of group.  One way we accomplish this is to provide a speaker for your group or organization to explain how a group vacation works.  We can do that for your group as well.  And there is no charge for this customer courtesy.  The one caveat is that a minimum of 50 people are required.  So if you want to generate excitement about your group or organization’s trip, we can help.  Just call.

Do I have to start a group or can we get hooked up with a group that's already set up?

If you only have a few folks that want to travel together, but not enough to consider yourself a group, you can always get connected with a group that is already established.  Go ahead and click here to see if any of these groups interest you.

Want more info?  Give us a call at 1-800-285-1133 or 513-530-3133.  You can also send us an email!