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professional cruise travel agents

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September 7, 2016 by Jimi Tempfli No Comment

The experts at Cruise800 are excited to announce our new blog!  Here, we will be publishing updates about the latest travel news, fun things to do on your next trip, and much more.  You can even ask our travel agency professionals a question, and we may feature your question in our monthly Q & A article!

Of course, if you need immediate answers to an actual trip you have with us, then do not hesitate to call or email your travel agent right away.

This month, it’s all about Travel Documentation.

If you are confused about whether you need a Birth Certificate or a Passport for your upcoming trip, then you’ve come to the right place!  Oh, and maybe you saw that there are Passport “Cards” and Passport “Books”?  Yes, well make sure you DON’T get a Passport Card!  Those are only useful for people that DRIVE across the Mexico or Canadian borders from or to the USA.  If you are Flying or Cruising, a Passport card is no more useful than a plain old Birth Certificate.

Well then, you may ask, “What’s a Closed-loop sailing, that I’ve heard being mentioned, and why can I still bring a Birth Certificate on cruises that sail from the US but visit foreign ports in the Caribbean?”

  • That’s a great question!  Here’s how it works:  the U.S. Department of State does allow you to travel on a cruise from the U.S. *without* a passport, but ONLY if that cruise begins and ends in the SAME U.S. port (basically all your standard Caribbean cruises from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc, apply here).
  • HOWEVER, if you have an emergency and need to FLY HOME from one of those foreign ports OR if you miss the ship and need to FLY TO the next foreign port of call… then you NEED a passport for AIR travel.

If you are still confused, as this is quite confusing, don’t worry!  Give your travel agent a call today and we will sort out all the details on your Caribbean or Alaskan or European trip!

All the details matter, and we will leave none to chance!  513-530-3133, or 800-285-1133, or email us!


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